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The best contribution that every Muslim could make is towards the Ulama. This is based on the words of Al-Imam Al-Ghazali that those who want to give Zakat must give specifically to the scholars because it will assist them in their search of knowledge. Knowledge is the best way of worship if the intention is pure. It was Abdullah ibn Mubarak, a hadith scholar, who specialised his contributions solely to the knowledge seekers. When someone suggested it might be better for him to give Zakat to all people, he answered: I do not know anyone who is above the prophetic position after the Prophet’s death. When the hearts of the scholars are concerned about their daily needs, they cannot focus on their pursuit of knowledge, thus helping them to fulfill their needs is the best. (Ihya Ulumiddin, 1, 334).

The Ulama who are really focused on the search of knowledge instead of the luxury of worldly living is very few. They are willing to teach and guide their students albeit a small payment and because of that, they are often faced with many trials and tribulations not befitting for the Ulama.

One of the problems is their incapacity to purchase reference books which is necessary for every scholar of Islamic teaching. They cannot provide monthly allowances to their parents due to their small salary. They are unable to go for Hajj and Umrah although rightfully they should travel widely to gain more experience in religious knowledge. Nonetheless, due to such deficiency they are unable to achieve that purpose.

Moreover, they are unable to perform ibadah such as Aqiqah and Qurban although these are social obligations of the scholars. In addition, they also shoulder a responsibility to help families and neighbours in need.

The call to help these scholars for the benefit of the Muslim ummah should be an obligation for each able Muslim. Helping the Ulama means to help spread of knowledge. Helping in this effort means sustaining the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) in this world.

In Malaysia there is a madrasah that teaches memorising of the Quran and Islamic knowledge which includes all the six Hadits books (Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmizi, Nasaie dan Ibnu Majah) that needs your donation. This Madrasah is registered under the name of Pusat Pengajian Al-Quran MTT, Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia with registration number: 001815094-U and the Bank Simpanan Nasional account number: 07100-41-00005928-26.

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